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Mos Maiorum

_Set design

Created by Mariona Naudin, Ireneu Tranis, Alba Valldaura

Light design by Pol Queralt

Photography by Rocío Rodríguez


A production of Antic Teatre Coproduced by Festival TNT

In collaboration with NunArt,

Leal-Lav, La PoderosaL’Estruch-Ajuntament de Sabadell

Fist prize winner of the “Caravana de Trailers ‘15” within the festival TNT. 


Mos Maiorum is a theatri- cal documentary piece ba- sed on the Verbatim* tech- nique. Using this dramatic device we transport the au- dience directly to either side of the border to wit- ness, experience and hear rst hand accounts by real people from this forgotten con ict.

All the declarations in the piece are genuine and were recorded on various trips to Melilla, Nador, Tangiers and Ceuta, as well as in Barcelona and Malaga, by the Mos Maiorum team.

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